Several years ago, I tried planting baby’s breath.
Nothing grew.

On impulse, I bought seeds again. 😀
Lemon balm, white pak choi and baby’s breath, together with a packet of plant starters (which I did without previously, thinking the soil in my row of flowerpots at home should suffice.)

plant log

Seeds, warm water, plant starters and a styrofoam tray.

plant log

Pour approximately 50ml of warm water into each plant starter. The flat pellet (the one I’m holding) will expand till it’s about 5cm tall.

plant log

Had to use a toothpick to poke the minuscule seeds into the plant starters. Lemon balm for the three at the back, white pakchoi on the left and baby’s breath on the right.

Wish me luck!

My mum said I’m too free.

希望這次多买的plant starters可以發揮作用。:)