Left my black cardigan on the bus. 😦

My thin, comfy woven cardigan with mid-length sleeves that’s just right for practically every sleeveless top I own and just thin enough for this kinda scorching weather.


I was wearing it the whole of today, even during Japanese class when the air-conditioning didn’t seem to be working. Only took it off as I was waiting for the bus to go home cos it simply was too hot and sweaty.

Once I got on the bus, I placed the cardigan on my lap, my bag over it and took a book out to read.

Fell asleep but woke up in time to get off. Coincidentally, the girl sitting beside me got off at the same stop. Her two friends sitting opposite us stayed on the bus.

Once I alighted, I felt something was amiss. Stayed rooted to the spot for about 10 seconds before I figured out my cardigan wasn’t with me. (W)

I thought of running after the bus or taking a cab to chase it. Then I thought of running after the girl who got off with me. Since her friends were still on the bus, they could help me retrieve my sweater! So I ran after the girl but lost her somehow in the maze of HDB flats.

The cardigan isn’t that expensive. I got it on sale for about thirty bucks I think? Still remember I bought it the day Muji Paragon had its official opening. After the opening, I went shopping and bought it at a boutique just one floor below Muji Paragon. It was on sale and the sales assistant even told me I should get it in more colors cos it’s really versatile.

The thing is, I really really like it. The thought of losing it is not as unbearable as the thought of someone else wearing it, or using it as a rag, or stamping their feet on it as they get off the bus.


I’ve called the customer service hotline (Thanks lxl!) but it’s closed for the day. So I’ve filled in the form on their website and decided to mourn for the rest of the night. Will rush down to the bus interchange first thing tomorrow morning. Which means I have to wake up before seven.