Read: Perfect Hostage–A Life of Aung San Suu Kyi
by Justin Wintle

Borrowed this from the library after browsing a copy at Kinokuniya. The academic writing’s a little hard to digest at times but the story’s as captivating as it is touching and horrifying. Somehow I cannot reconcile the writer’s account with my memory of Burma, even if I know all the atrocities were committed and weren’t just figments of the imagination. I wonder when I’ll visit Burma again..

I wish the world will start to remember Burma.

Watched: いつもふたりで (《永远两个人》)


Starring 阪口憲二 and one of my favourite Japanese actresses 松隆子. He ‘s a TV producer while she’s an aspiring author. The two childhood friends meet when she moves to Tokyo to pursue her dream of writing a book and she ends up moving in with him, his brother and the brother’s girlfriend… Hmm my description makes it sound like a typical romance but it really is so much more than that. The theme is really about following your dreams and not giving up, as cliche as it may sound.

Lovely quotes:

Japanese dramas are the best. Hong Kong dramas are a close second. I simply cannot fathom why people are obsessed with Korean dramas.

Listened to: 夏川りみ《歌さがし~リクエストカバーアルバム~》


Borrowed this from T because I wanted to listen to one particular song: 《さくら》(Sakura). This was the theme song for the 2004 JAL Scholarship Program. I still remember how we memorized the lyrics and performed it on stage during the Farewell Party, willing one another not to cry. The lyrics are absolutely lovely. (Please remind me to post them another time!)