I seem to have developed a penchant for losing things.

mickey earrings

Bought this in Taipei’s Shilin night market less than two months ago and started wearing them during CNY. Was still wearing them on my second day at work, when I had to rush from Novena to Takashimaya then Cineleisure.

On my way to Takashimaya from the MRT station, suddenly realized that my right ear felt strangely “light”. Sure enough, the red earring was gone. 😦 For awhile, I contemplated re-tracing my steps, but I was in a rush. Besides, how likely was it that I could find an earring amidst the mad commuter rush?

Even so, I decided to walk back to Orchard station after completing my errands. Kept my eyes on the pavement as much as possible but couldn’t find my earring. I didn’t really expect to find it, but somehow I still felt disappointed.

(Just realized that both my cardigan and earring were lost on a Tuesday. I really must be extra careful!)