Spent the afternoon with H and X at Settlers’ Cafe. It’s my first time playing at a board games cafe, though I’ve been there a few times for work. We took a 2-hour package, which came to about $13 per person. It includes four drinks, one snack and as many games as you want to play. I wish there were more non-fizzy drinks, though. Most drinks on the menu were soda-related. (W)

We played about 5-6 games, some of which required memory skills whereas others were just plain silly. XD I took photos of two of the games:

I can’t remember the name of this game, but the objective is to use a cord-like thingy to construct “castles” for the king by stacking blocks on top of each other. There’s a friendly ghost too.

The last game we played was a variation of Snap. I love the box!