Taking a week off work. 🙂 Not flying anywhere, though. I just want to really slow down.

On my way to Lee sensei’s house after work. It’s my first time walking in on my own.

Upper Thomson Road. A full moon.

Started running once a week in anticipation of the Shape run which I was coerced into joining encouraged to join. I’ve only run three times so far but I hope it becomes an addiction a habit.

First tried these with HL when we went shopping at NTUC in Junction 8. We were lucky to get one single star-shaped icecream in the box! I’ve an insatiable craving for this, especially now when the weather is so unbearably hot.

Top to bottom: Rosie Dunne (Cecelia Ahern), 雪地里的蜗牛奄列(张小娴), Something borrowed (Emily Giffin), Anybody out there (Marian Keyes), 日本沉没(小松左京),The Compendium of Nosh (Jack McLean).

Library books to last me through the week. I’ve only read “Anybody out there” so far. Easy reading that makes you think.

The library increased the loan limit to 8 books since it’s the school holidays. 😀 I wanted to borrow more but the pile was getting too heavy to manage. Doesn’t help that the books I wanted to borrow on food, cooking and design were large hardcovers with tons of pages of lovely pictures. Oh, the library is offering a free SMS reminder service. I signed up so hopefully I don’t have to pay any more library fines!