Trying to stay away from dairy products, but I succumbed and bought a cup of milk tea in anticipation of the long day ahead. The biweekly trips to Pasir Ris (Ito-sensei’s home) after work tire me out more than I thought they would. Although my preparation is far from adequate, I’m glad the speech contest will be over in a week.

Mike Gayle’s Dinner for Two, a novel I picked up on a whim while at the library, kept me awake on my MRT ride to work. I keep my reading light nowadays. Gone were the times when I actually found it pleasurable to work my way (sometimes painfully) through Dickens and Hardy.

One line that made me pause in my reading: “I used to think I had all the time in the world to do everything I wanted. But what’s the use of having all the time in the world if you’re always wasting it on things that don’t mean a thing?”