Post-break day 1 was terrible. It’s strange how random assignments shoot your way on your first day back at work. Fortunately, some things help to dilute the blues.

Caramel strawberry tea to wake me up. Also works as a form of aromatherapy.

An umbrella pin I bought in Beijing. Just right for a rainy day.

Magazine pics from Milk (Issue 366).
Hello Kitty collectibles from Hong Kong’s McDonald’s. This series is named “Kitty@Messenger”. Each doll represents an emoticon.
The best thing about Hong Kong’s Mac-Collectibles is you can buy every item at one go, simply by purchasing McDonald’s vouchers. In this case, you just have to pay HK$300 for 16 dolls which come packed in a lovely canvas bag (see below).

WY bought this for me when she was in Hong Kong. “I’m busy!” Hello Kitty proclaims. She suggested I show this to anyone who tries to shovel more work my way. Some of my faves to follow:

(L-R): Do not disturb! See you later! I’m angry! I love you. Happy birthday!

(L-R): Out for lunch! I’m sad. Work hard! Let’s celebrate! Thank you! I’m sleepy.
Which are your faves?

In conjunction with the release: Hello Kitty Black Wonder Theme Store.

From an article in the magazine.

Recruitment ad. My fave part: 幼稚園或以上學歷。(Educational level: Kindergarten and above.)
The recruitment ads here (even those looking for creative professionals) seem so boring by comparison.


Hello Kitty X Panda

Would love to have all three!