Farm visits last week.

On the Kranji Express, an hourly bus from Kranji MRT to the Kranji Countryside.
You can see Malaysia when the bus passes by Kranji Dam.

A very old-school ticket box on the bus. (There’s also an ez-link machine.)

The photog and I stopped by Kinyan Agrotech for grocery.
Above: Dried roselle flowers and kumquat concentrate with honey.

More food: Honey loquat lozenges and mushroom noodles.

Wheatgrass icecream for eating in the car. It reminds me of green tea.

Butterhead lettuce at Aerogreen.

Windmills for sale.

I wish I could while away the whole afternoon.

Butterhead juice (with kiwi and lime) for the ride to Pasir Ris.

Bunnies at Pasir Ris Kid’ Kampung.

Another afternoon at Bottle Tree Park.

Random flowers by the road.

This houses various offices. Reminds me of the mountain lodge I stayed in on my last trip to Queensland, Australia.