From the library this week:

1) Since I Don’t Have You, by Louise Candlish
The writing lacks polish at times, but the heart-rending plot makes up for it. Rachel and her friends Jen and Mariel promise to care for each other’s daughters, but a tragedy breaks up the circle of trust and Rachel flees to the Greek island of Santorini, where she tries to rebuild a new life, and yet stay connected with the past.

2) The Zen of Fish, by Trevor Corson
A fascinating work of documentary nonfiction centred around sushi and Japanese food history and culture. The writer shadows several American sushi novices who enrol at a sushi academy, cleverly weaving accounts of their experience with his research. I reread many paragraphs to make sure my eyes weren’t deceiving me. I never knew fish and humans evolved from worms, or that Tsukiji Fish Market is as big as 40 football fields! The explanations on why fish and not meat tastes good raw, or why certain fish taste better cooked, were so remarkably enlightening, I wish I remembered more from chemistry lessons. Must get my hands on his earlier work “The Secret Life of Lobsters”. I love reading about food. XD

3) 《幸福魚面頬》,張小娴

4) The Reader, by Bernhard Schlink, translated by Carol Brown Janeway
I didn’t watch the movie, but my film critic friend said it’s a must-watch for all women. (!) Decided to read it while waiting for the DVD release. The writing is simple and thoughtful, the plot captivating. I finished reading it while on the bus because we were stuck in a 35 minute jam on the PIE.

“I don’t know why I did it. But today I can recognize that events back then were part of a lifelong pattern in which thinking and doing have either come together or failed to come together–I think, I reach a conclusion, I turn the conclusion into a decision, and then I discover that acting on the decision is something else entirely, and that doing so may proceed from the decision, but then again it may not. Often enough in my life, I have done things I had not decided to do. Something–whatever that may be–goes into action; “it” goes to the woman I don’t want to see anymore, “it” makes the remark to the boss that costs me my head, “it” keeps on smoking although I have decided to quit, and then quits smoking just when I’ve accepted the fact that I’m a smoker and always will be. I don’t mean to say that thinking and reaching decisions have no influence on behaviour. But behaviour does not merely enact whatever has already been thought through and decided.”

5) the Shopping Bags by Anna Waller and Kristina Matisic
Interesting tips and tricks to make you a savvy shopper. I’ve only just finished the first chapter. Will post interesting quotes soon.
A few I’ve noticed while flipping through the beauty section:
·”Ignore terms like oil-free, noncomedogenic and nonacnegenic. They are not legally defined or regulated terms (and not all oils clog pores).”
·”Don’t spend more on shampoos with added proteins, amino acids, or vitamins. They don’t stick to hair and just get washed down the drain.”
·”Don’t test foundations on your hands! The skin on hands is darker and more sun damaged than it is on your face. Instead, test various colours by running a dab along your jawline. Then take a mirror outside with you and examine the colour in natural light.”