Old-school stationery.
On my way to S’s housewarming/Halloween party, I stopped by Coronation Shopping Centre and picked up these really old-school notebooks. The 555 notebook is sold at 20 cents and the blue lined notebook at 30 cents. I love the texture and portability!
Now just let me figure out a use for them… Scribble quotes? Book list? Shopping list? Hmm.
(Showed these to my dad who promptly showed me his own truly old-school notebooks from erm.. ages ago? Hoarding runs in the family.)


The library. One of the few good things about living here that has thankfully remained unchanged (gotten better actually).

TWG tea

“Silver Moon”–Green tea with ripe fruits from TWG Tea Company. The teabag is made of cotton and specific boiling instructions are printed on the tag (25g; 95 degrees Celsius; 2~3 min in cup; 3~4 min in teapot)


KTV! I want to go again soon!

the best bubble tea in SG

Bubble tea from Taiwan’s KOI Cafe (50嵐). There are outlets in Toa Payoh, Ang Mo Kio, Marine Parade and Chinatown. The pearls are seriously the best I have ever had in Singapore. Plus they are really generous with it! Also, you get to choose the level of sweetness (I usually go for 25%). The oolong tea seriously ROCKS. I must try the milk tea soon! And maybe the icecream tea!