1) Around the World in 80 Dinners, by Cheryl & Bill Jamison

Veteran cookbook authors Cheryl and Bill Jamison embarked on a three-month global culinary tour, travelling to 10 different countries during the fall of 2005.  They bring the reader to Bali, Australia, New Caledonia, Singapore, Thailand, India, China, South Africa, France and Brazil, sampling sights, sounds and tastes, tempting the reader to do the same.

Overall an interesting read, particularly the section on Singapore, but the writing is a little too loose at times, with too many redundant repetitions of conversation that add minimal value to the narrative.

2) A Late Dinner-Discovering the Food of Spain, by Paul Richardson

Places are like people.. some just appeal to you, without you knowing why. Spain has always been such a place for me.

Food and travel writer Paul Richardson “takes an extended journey around Spain to get to the heart of its food and the culture of those who grow and cook it”,  starting with coastal areas like Levante and Valencia, before moving inland to Asturias, La Mancha and Granada… and eventually exploring the cities San Sebastian, Barcelona and Madrid. Definitely a good window into the Spanish culinary scene, especially since I know practically nothing about Spanish food.