Work lunch at the Jewel Box. My first time there! I imagine it must be much more pretty at night.

Hello Kitty Lab, one of my happiest assignments lately! I took a ton of pictures but I don’t know if I can post them because photography was allowed at the preview, but not at the actual event…

Another assignment I enjoyed: Ippudo‘s first restaurant in Singapore.

I tried both the Akamaru modern (red bowl) and the Shiromaru Classic (white bowl). Akamaru is a little too garlicky and strong for my liking, so I’ll probably stick with Shiromaru. The noodles are perfectly thin, straight and “Q”! The broth is brewed from pork bones and at least 9 other ingredients, and the broth you finally slurp is a combination of three broths that have been cooking for different times. Some may find it a little too salty, but I think it’s great with the cucumber appetizer. Would also be a great dish for a cold day.