Stumbling upon a school senior’s website set off a train of thoughts.

She has always been one of the coolest persons I know. Not only is she talented and creative, she is also a good athlete, a wonderful friend and an absolute inspiration.  The kind of person who, just by virtue of being on your team, made you feel like you could conquer anything.

She made me believe that as long as you knew you were doing the right thing, it didn’t matter what other people, whoever they were, thought of you.

We lost touch soon after she graduated, reconnected briefly when I went to the same junior college as her, then lost touch again. The last time I saw her was in a toilet at work. We’d taken up similar jobs.

Awhile ago, I realised her work email no longer existed. I thought of sending her a SMS but I don’t know why I never did.

Minutes ago, I came across her website. She is now a freelance photographer.

I looked at her photos. I read her blog. And thought of how far we’d come since those days of staying back late in school, working with paints and cloth and wood. The decisions we’d made that led us to different, albeit occasionally converging, paths.

The past three years, I’ve landed in situations that I never thought I would end up in, made decisions I never thought I’d make. I’ve drifted apart from certain people, bonded more closely than ever with others, and reconnected with people whom I thought I’d lost.

At a point where I know I need more courage than ever, she has somehow convinced me to once again, believe in myself.