Forgive the lousy phone-camera pic!

Several months ago, we decided to take part in a Chingay banner competition organized by the People’s Association. The registration fee of $50 was inclusive of materials like paints and cloth.

Five of us signed up, but after a flurry of emails, communication came to a standstill. Meetings were cancelled because everyone was simply too busy.

We ended up missing the deadline (sometime in early December 09) and probably would have given the whole thing a miss. But the person in charge called W and asked if we were still keen to participate. We’d missed the judging deadline, but as long as we submitted our banner by 10 January, it would still be put up along the Chingay route.

So.. Being the responsible (ahem) ex-councillors we are, we finally found a time to meet up! Only three of us could make it but we did a pretty okay job (I think?). This is definitely not one of our best banners, yet I feel strangely proud of it.

An idea here, a casual comment there, no need for lengthy meetings or detailed drafts. (I came up with a sketch of fireworks which prompted W’s comment, “Is this 法輪功?” -_-) We acted on our whims and started painting with just the faintest idea of how it would turn out.

And it turned out to be a wonderful way to spend a rainy and windy afternoon. At the void deck of Y’s apartment block, we painted merrily away. Not unlike old times, when we would work on banners and stage props all afternoon after school, splattering ourselves with paint and yelping with pain when we smothered too much thinner on our paint stains.

We finished this banner in about 1.5 hours, and cleared up in minutes. It’s great working with people you trust and like, people whom you know you can depend on.

Chingay has never meant anything special to me, but this year, I’m looking forward to it. Hope our banner will be put up soon!