1) Spiced, by Dalia Jurgensen

A “deliciously entertaining memoir” of how the author trades in her office job to pursue her dream of becoming a chef. Sounds typical, but it really is pretty entertaining. Her account of what it’s like working in a kitchen doesn’t throw up many surprises (especially when you’ve been reading too many memoirs) but I like her sense of humour. I also enjoyed reading about her work in various famous establishments like Nobu, Layla and Veritas, and of course, all the pretty yummy-sounding desserts she makes.

Her blog is pretty interesting too.

2) Under the Table–Saucy Tales from Culinary School, by Katherine Darling

Another cookery memoir from a female writer. This author puts herself through a full course at NYC’s French Culinary Institute. Both the content and style are a little showy for my liking… Although some stories are wickedly entertaining, Spiced was a much more enjoyable read.