Have been trying to clear my cubicle… with minimal success.

I have no idea how I managed to accumulate so much junk and non-junk.
(I realised I have 5 cups/mugs and at least 5 different types of tea.) 
Besides tons of paper and files and paper goods, I have also unearthed:

-A pink plastic bear  as tall as my 1 litre Muji pitcher
-A white wicker basket (Yay!)
-A pink styrofoam box with a pink ribbon outside and rose petals inside
– Random items ranging from a plastic whistle to a straw hat to a metal snowman paperweight to two aprons (one black, one white)
-Ecobags of all shapes and sizes (Ecobags are not eco-friendly if you have tons of them!)

I’m trying not to think of the boxes and bags underneath the table…