So many things have happened in this past week! It feels like two weeks, or maybe three.

Touched down in Tokyo (OH I LOVE TOKYO) on Sunday night, three days of orientation in Keio Shinjuku. One of the highlights was meeting Captain for lunch! Been six years since we last met and he’s as funny as ever.

Kyoto Orientation was from Wednesday to Friday. We stayed in a hotel in Kyoto City and had a pretty enjoyable party on the first night, presumably one of many more to come.

Friday, off to Sonobe. Saw my apartment, my school, people whom I’ll be working with. Everyone’s great, the school’s great and I’m really looking forward to starting the school term. Only thing is, the apartment’s not as clean as I thought. At first glance it looks clean and neat, but zoom in and the dirt and grime really really gets to me. I’m also really paranoid about bugs and the tatami (please don’t get moldy!!! oh how I wish I had tile flooring, never mind I don’t need the traditional Japanese feel). Have been spending a small fortune on every cleaning product imaginable to keep my futon closet dry and bug-free, to keep my tatami mats clean and bug-free, to keep my kitchen insect-free, to keep my drains unclogged, to keep my tiles clean, to keep my bathroom clean… I never knew so much cleaning is needed!!! Oh the comfort of living at home. 😦

Highlight of the week: Fireworks at Kameoka, about 20 min away by train from Sonobe. The fireworks were about an hour long, and it was simply lovely to see everyone on the streets with their friends and family, enchanted by the fireworks and enthusiastically clapping whenever there was a particular impressive burst of colour and light. Strangely, fireworks always make me feel emotional and this time was no difference.

Shall end this post while my Internet connection is still here! (I need to wait at least 1-2 weeks for my own Internet.)

Everyone take care and stay cool!


Woke up at 5 (!) to take a train to Malaysia last week.
It was okay once I got out of bed.
I like morning air and light.

On time for the 745 train.  (I love platform clocks!)
Unfortunately, the online ticketing system is down…
and you can only purchase tickets half an hour before the stipulated departure time.
We had more than enough time for breakfast though.
It was too early for me to feel like eating…
but it’s never too early/late for teh tarik~

Malaysian customs at Tanjong Pagar Railway Station.
Only noticed afterwards your passport doesn’t get stamped.
But you get a special stamped white card.

Early sunlight.
Sit on the left if you don’t want to be in the sun.

Bukit Timah Railway Station. I wonder if we can get off here?
No one did, but a lady wandered on with a basket of vegetables.
The train stopped here for… 20 minutes?

Off we go!
He smiled and waved at my camera before the train rumbled off.
People seem more friendly around trains…
Spotted at least 5 people near the tracks, looking out for the trains or just staring into the distance.
Very surreal.

Is it just me, or do trains make everything seem more romantic.. somehow?

I’m usually on the waiting side.

I’m afraid the windows are rather grubby.

Past the Woodlands customs, past the Causeway and we arrive at JB.

to be continued…

Bus ticket to Taipei~

Famished! Late lunch/early dinner at 台北捷運地下街。Steaming hot pork and tofu steamboat set perfect for a rainy afternoon. Slurped up every last bit of the konnyaku strips and soup.

Off to Shilin Night Market. Deliciously cool and refreshing almond snow ice and almond tofu.

Everytime I walk past these machines, I wonder if I should give it a go…especially when I see these cute pink bunnies!

Miffy-themed credit card! I want! Why do we not have cute credit cards here…

My travel mates: Bee (left) and Bumble.

信義区(where 台北101 is located) always a must-visit,
though we usually don’t drop by 101 itself.

So many things to work on… I wonder if I’ll be motivated enough to write about the trip.

Ahh.. I miss Taipei already.



故事簡介(取自UA Cinemas官網):

故事從一個小家庭出發 —
倔強好奇,能倒轉背誦二十六個英文字母,更能把父母弄至啼笑皆非的幼子 —





I try to watch at least one locally-made film when I travel.
This time, it was “Echoes of the Rainbow” in Hong Kong.
Lovely poignant film…
Like it was said in another Hong Kong film “Kitchen”,
time is the greatest thief of all.

Diana Mini’s virgin trip.
Shot mainly in Venice (25th Sept) and a little in Milan (22nd/23rd Sept).

diana mini

Said to be the world’s first shopping mall, the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II sits on the northern side of the Piazza del Duomo. Named after Vittorio Emanuele II, the first king of united Italy, it was originally designed in 1861 and built by Giuseppe Mengoni between 1865 and 1877.


diana mini

Duomo di Milano/Milan Cathedral. The fourth largest church in the world, it took 5oo years to complete (!).


diana mini

Shopping at Corso Vittorio Emanuele, where prices are less prohibitive than in the designer districts.


diana mini

Moving on to Venice.. The twists and turns make map-reading near-impossible.. Just rely on the street signs and have fun getting lost~


diana mini 01

diana mini 02

Piazza San Marco/St Mark’s Square, the most crowded and touristy spot in Venice (but still lovable). St Mark was adopted as the city’s patron saint in 828, and its symbol, a winged lion, is Venice’s emblem.


diana mini

Walking brings you to Venice’s quiet, non-touristy places. Venice is an incredibly “walkable” city.


diana mini

diana mini

Everything they say about how pretty Venice is… It’s completely true.


random 055

Random street sign in Milan. Snapped this from the bus.

I love how the boy and girl look like they are having so much fun! As though they skipped all the way to school…

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