Woke up at 5 (!) to take a train to Malaysia last week.
It was okay once I got out of bed.
I like morning air and light.

On time for the 745 train.  (I love platform clocks!)
Unfortunately, the online ticketing system is down…
and you can only purchase tickets half an hour before the stipulated departure time.
We had more than enough time for breakfast though.
It was too early for me to feel like eating…
but it’s never too early/late for teh tarik~

Malaysian customs at Tanjong Pagar Railway Station.
Only noticed afterwards your passport doesn’t get stamped.
But you get a special stamped white card.

Early sunlight.
Sit on the left if you don’t want to be in the sun.

Bukit Timah Railway Station. I wonder if we can get off here?
No one did, but a lady wandered on with a basket of vegetables.
The train stopped here for… 20 minutes?

Off we go!
He smiled and waved at my camera before the train rumbled off.
People seem more friendly around trains…
Spotted at least 5 people near the tracks, looking out for the trains or just staring into the distance.
Very surreal.

Is it just me, or do trains make everything seem more romantic.. somehow?

I’m usually on the waiting side.

I’m afraid the windows are rather grubby.

Past the Woodlands customs, past the Causeway and we arrive at JB.

to be continued…


Have been trying to clear my cubicle… with minimal success.

I have no idea how I managed to accumulate so much junk and non-junk.
(I realised I have 5 cups/mugs and at least 5 different types of tea.) 
Besides tons of paper and files and paper goods, I have also unearthed:

-A pink plastic bear  as tall as my 1 litre Muji pitcher
-A white wicker basket (Yay!)
-A pink styrofoam box with a pink ribbon outside and rose petals inside
– Random items ranging from a plastic whistle to a straw hat to a metal snowman paperweight to two aprons (one black, one white)
-Ecobags of all shapes and sizes (Ecobags are not eco-friendly if you have tons of them!)

I’m trying not to think of the boxes and bags underneath the table…


This is what happens when you type in a half-dreamy state.

Pixar: 20 Years of Animation

“John Lasseter says that it takes three things to make an animated film:
world, character and story.
In the simplest sense, that is the heart of this exhibit,
the handmade designs for the worlds, characters and stories of Pixar’s first twenty years of filmmaking.”

The Incredibles!

A series of shorts
(one of my favourite parts of watching a Pixar film)

“At Pixar, we realize we are associated, in many people’s experience, with computers.
We do use computers in the making of our films.
However, at the center of everything we do is the love of story and the wonderful pictures that help tell the story.
The computer lets us create worlds and characters that otherwise we could only dream of enjoying.
The computer lets us invite you into the dream to dream along with us.
The computer is where we finish our stories.”

From a video clip showing clearly how each and every single component is carefully crafted.

In love with the artwork.

“As with all storytelling, we begin in the imagination, with an idea.
Then we turn to traditionally trained artists and sculptors, who start with blank paper and lumps of clay.
Handmade art — made using the same ancient tools available before writing existed,
like drawing and painting and sculpture —
brings the vision of our stories to life.”

DeAnn, an instructor at Pixar University,
says doing the preliminary work by hand is an economical way of brainstorming.
If all the conceptualization and idea-tossing were done on the computer,
it would be much more expensive.

“Cars” in resin clay.

A model of Wall-E, produced by a 3D printer.
Sculptures like these are a great reference for the various departments,
all working simultaneously on different aspects of the film.

So many possibilities for Edna!

A “fish wall” showing all the different fishes in Nemo’s world.
(Note the file names when you visit.  Really cute!)

At the Zoetrope:
The spinning starts!

The miracle of animation!


Unbelievably cute.

a 3D world of 2D images giving you a peek into the mind of an animator…

I’m guessing this is a good time to visit since most students are still in school.
The Science Centre will probably be really crowded during the holidays!

Adult/child tickets at $21/$16.
Pay $3 more to watch a 3D movie
(Toy Story in April, Toy Story 2 in May, Up in June).

More details here!

elderflower tea

Elderflower tea from Ikea. It tastes strangely like lychee, but without the overwhelming smell of lychee. Does this make sense?
I miss the elderflower icecream from the Polar Cafe that used to be at Citylink.
突然想念以前Citylink的Polar Cafe賣的接骨木花雪糕。


Unusual mooncake box… From where, I can’t remember.


I’ve no interest in fishing… but I’ll love to sit here and while the day away.


Pretty cakes at Pâtisserie Glacé.


Air and light at the National Museum.


Pastel brollies at a pasar malam. Only $2 each!

Hearts in the train on the way home
Hearts in the train on the way home

Hello Kitty, Bandai booth at SGTCC
Hello Kitty, Bandai booth at STGCC

Hello Mr Monopoly!
Hello Mr Monopoly!

Yummy breadou
Yummy breadou

Blythe collage
Blythe dolls. I love their outfits!

Omg the pastries!
Omg the pastries! The sweets!

Hello Hello Kitty
Hello Hello Kitty


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