Flowers in a bin would be just as pretty…

Spotted at ION Orchard.


Be true to yourselves,
spread the love,
and never stop believing in the power of imagination.

Picture from Pixar’s website.

“And yet while we giggle at the familiar toys – including a Fisher Price rolling phone who functions as something of the daycare snitch – and swoon over our favorite Toy Story heroes – from the Potato Head marriage to the chipper Hamm and the nervous Rex– what’s unmistakable is that this story is reaching well beyond the stuff of sandboxes and toy chests. Toy Story 3, to me at least, seems preoccupied with the larger issues of living life after one’s prime, about struggling to find the next chapter in our story. Once we lose our sense of purpose, it asks, what are we to do with our time and energy?

And the Pixar masters have come up with an answer that seems perfectly reasoned to me: Be true to yourselves, spread the love, and never stop believing in the power of imagination. It’s as earnest a moral as it is simple, as entertaining as it is sincere – and always acutely aware of the cycles of life playing out all around us. Children grow up, new ones are born. New toys overshadow the old ones, but fads die quickly. Movies cross new technological thresholds, but it’s the old-time values of characters and storytelling that make the Pixar catalogue the envy of the industry.”

Quote from here.

Have been trying to clear my cubicle… with minimal success.

I have no idea how I managed to accumulate so much junk and non-junk.
(I realised I have 5 cups/mugs and at least 5 different types of tea.) 
Besides tons of paper and files and paper goods, I have also unearthed:

-A pink plastic bear  as tall as my 1 litre Muji pitcher
-A white wicker basket (Yay!)
-A pink styrofoam box with a pink ribbon outside and rose petals inside
– Random items ranging from a plastic whistle to a straw hat to a metal snowman paperweight to two aprons (one black, one white)
-Ecobags of all shapes and sizes (Ecobags are not eco-friendly if you have tons of them!)

I’m trying not to think of the boxes and bags underneath the table…

On the return flight from Taipei.


P told me a lovely true story from her holiday in the Maldives.
他很純地說’ahh…big bird’……

When you do something you like, it will be like flying.”


Suddenly thought of a song I haven’t heard in awhile.
“The birds are flying away into the sky above.
I wonder if someday we’ll be able to fly like that.”


From the Guardian:
Lovely poignant photos of one of the persons I admire most:

“Aung San Suu Kyi on the snowy slopes of a mountain in Bhutan in 1971. Further up the hill, at Taktsang temple, Michael had proposed to her.”

“1970/1980 on the lawn of her father-in-law’s house in Grantown-on-Spey, Scotland, Aung San Suu Kyi plays with her two sons, Alexander (in the braces) and Kim”

She turns 65 tomorrow (19 June) and remains under house arrest in Rangoon.

” Proceeds from the pictures are being donated to Dr Cynthia’s Mae Tao Clinic, a charity that provides free healthcare for refugees, migrant workers and other people who cross the border from Burma to Thailand.”

I’m afraid some comments almost made me laugh out loud and some.. simply brought a wry smile.

On the Orchard Road flood:

“This is style meet substance. Orchard style with water substance.”

“This is to celebrate the dumpling festival. Should we start to throw the ‘bazhang’ into the Orchard River?”

“GSS; could be a big discount for goods that got wet!!!”

“Ducktours”: “This is my time to shine.”

“Relocate all shopping malls to Tuas.”

“Which Town Council uh? Orchard Road in the opposition ward? Since when?”

All comments from here.

Bus ticket to Taipei~

Famished! Late lunch/early dinner at 台北捷運地下街。Steaming hot pork and tofu steamboat set perfect for a rainy afternoon. Slurped up every last bit of the konnyaku strips and soup.

Off to Shilin Night Market. Deliciously cool and refreshing almond snow ice and almond tofu.

Everytime I walk past these machines, I wonder if I should give it a go…especially when I see these cute pink bunnies!

Miffy-themed credit card! I want! Why do we not have cute credit cards here…