Woke up at 5 (!) to take a train to Malaysia last week.
It was okay once I got out of bed.
I like morning air and light.

On time for the 745 train.  (I love platform clocks!)
Unfortunately, the online ticketing system is down…
and you can only purchase tickets half an hour before the stipulated departure time.
We had more than enough time for breakfast though.
It was too early for me to feel like eating…
but it’s never too early/late for teh tarik~

Malaysian customs at Tanjong Pagar Railway Station.
Only noticed afterwards your passport doesn’t get stamped.
But you get a special stamped white card.

Early sunlight.
Sit on the left if you don’t want to be in the sun.

Bukit Timah Railway Station. I wonder if we can get off here?
No one did, but a lady wandered on with a basket of vegetables.
The train stopped here for… 20 minutes?

Off we go!
He smiled and waved at my camera before the train rumbled off.
People seem more friendly around trains…
Spotted at least 5 people near the tracks, looking out for the trains or just staring into the distance.
Very surreal.

Is it just me, or do trains make everything seem more romantic.. somehow?

I’m usually on the waiting side.

I’m afraid the windows are rather grubby.

Past the Woodlands customs, past the Causeway and we arrive at JB.

to be continued…